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Maldives: A little paradise of corals in the Indian Ocean

The Republic of Maldives, or simply the Maldives or the Maldives Island, is one of the beautiful island countries in Asia. It comprises of 1,190 islands, which form an archipelago of 26 natural atolls. More than two hundred islands are inhabited while the remainder are used exclusively by various tourist resorts and are being developed as tourist destinations.


These atolls, or corals that encircle a lagoon partially or completely, are one of the beautiful and natural resources of the Maldives that makes it characteristically unique from the other tropical islands in Asia. In a birds-eye view, these atolls make the islands look like a string of pearls in the vast clear blue of the ocean’s surface. These circles of coral reefs, aside from giving the country a breathtaking view from above, also provide a natural defence for the islands against storms and the big waves of the Indian Ocean. Since the islands are not more than 8 feet above sea level, they extremely very prone from being washed away by big waves.



The island of Maldives lies on the Southwest of Sri Lanka. It’s warm and humid climate makes it a quaint tropical paradise with the whole island of the Maldives stretching for about 820 kilometres from north to south and about 120 kilometres from east to west.


Located at the centre of this string of pearls, the capital city of Malé is probably one of the smallest-sized capitals in the world. It’s population of about 75,000 is about one-third of the population of the Maldives. Despite being small, it is still one of the thriving cities with its high-rise buildings, paved roads and buzzing shops that line the capital city. Some interesting places to see in Malé are the Malé Fish Market, the Islamic Center, Huskuru Miskiiy, Mulee-aage Palace, and the National Museum.


Some of the tourist atolls in Maldives are; Baa Atoll, North Malé Atoll, South Malé Atoll, Lhaviyani Atoll, Ari Atoll, North Ari Atoll, South Ari Atoll, Kaafu Atoll, Meemu Atoll, Seenu Atoll, Dhaalu Atoll, Raa Atoll, and Vaayu Atoll. In the atolls, you can find various hotels.


Because of its beautiful coral formations, the Maldives is famous for its exquisite underwater beauty. It’s marine resources are full of variety and colour. Snorkelling and scuba diving are two of the ‘must-do’ activities while on a Maldives holiday. The country’s all year warm climate makes it perfect for underwater activities and other water sports that entice tourists to come back to the islands for another chance to experience its beauty. All the Maldives resorts have dive schools and licensed staff and diving instructors for visitors and tourists.


Another enjoyable activity one can do while on holiday at the Maldives is to cruise around its 1,200 breathtaking islands. A Maldives cruise is believed to the best way to make most of your stay and to truly appreciate the country’s stunning beauty. One can choose between a diving safari or a relaxing cruise through its stunning atolls. The cruise takes tourists into the varied and beautiful dive sites in the islands as well as a chance to visit the virgin and uninhabited islands to fully experience the true magnificence of the Maldives.

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