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Wednesday August 17 2022

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Hotels in Maldives

Hotels in Maldives are not all that expensive

Maldives is an archipelago that looks like floating lilies on the Indian Ocean when viewed from the sky. Tourists from all over the world that have heard about this heaven-on-earth-on-ocean flock to this nation for their much awaited holiday breaks. Hotels in Maldives see tourist after tourist after tourist, but times are a lot busier between the months of December and April since people want to spend their Christmas and New Year holidays in the islands. Rates could be expensive in the luxury accommodations but there are options.


The 1,200 small islands that make up Maldives collectively serves as the smallest Asian nation based on population. This “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is also considered the smallest Muslim nation in the world. The most densely populated Maldives Island is the capital, Male.


Only about one-sixth of Maldives islands are populated. Around 40 islands have been fully transformed in tropical paradise resorts that tourists can go to for accommodations and for their ultimate Maldivian experience. The entire 104,000 square-kilometer area covering Maldives is mostly sea. The islands have spectacular white sand beaches that serve as contrast to the turquoise blue that is the ocean.


Male is the center for business trade, commerce, health, education, and everything else that is metropolitan. Over 150,000 people live here – that is about a third of the entire nation’s head count.


Male is home to a lot of 6-star hotels in Maldives. Aside from these luxury hotels, there are cheap accommodations too, that are available. Although, these other choices for lodging are more affordable, you can’t really say you’re not getting any luxurious experience. Everything about Maldives spells luxury for everyone!


Why go to Maldives now?

For one, the resort hotels in Maldives have been winning travel awards. In fact, several Maldives resorts have been given the “Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination” awards by the World Travel Awards, a prestigious award-giving body for excellent service and high-quality standards in the Travel industry.


Maldives is a very popular destination for those who want to enjoy sights, sands, the beautiful ocean and its treasures. There are unforgettable memories waiting to happen to anyone and everyone like honeymooners, divers, or families.


Maldives on a budget

Spending a vacation in the Maldives may sound expensive but you should know that even on a budget, you can still get a taste of this paradise. There are cheap flight packages you can avail of especially during the off-peak seasons. The sun shines brightly most of the time in these islands so you can book your flight during the lean months and still get to enjoy the outdoor activities.


There too, are various holiday packages that prove to be very economical, practical, and very much worthwhile to avail. Airlines and hotels in Maldives also give some discounts for special promotions. There are packages for wedding, family with kids, and large groups. If you are planning this trip ahead, you can inquire from your travel agent or directly to the resort of your choice if there are any ongoing promotions you can get if you book a holiday in Maldives.


Accommodations include hotels in Maldives, guesthouses, or bed and breakfasts. The hotels offer a lot of the basic amenities like TV, bars, phones, etc. plus a great view of the sea and the breathtaking scenery. Depending on the class and season, hotels in Maldives could cost anywhere from US $700 to $1,000.

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