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Wednesday August 17 2022

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Flights to the Maldives

Things to Keep In Mind on a Flight to the Maldives

A flight to the Maldives always holds promise to gazillion tropical fantasies on any tourist’s frostbitten mind. A flight to the Maldives simply means sun, powder-fine white sands, blue waters and dynamic coral reef formations. Travellers from all over the world never miss the chance to go one a flight to the Maldives for a five-sense-feast on scenery, food, and culture.


However, before going on a flight to the Maldives, it’s extremely important to make sure that you’re ready for the drastic weather and culture adjustment. This article provides guidelines for any individual who wants a pleasurable and convenient flight to the Maldives.


Clothing and skin care

The first thing anyone should worry about when planning a flight to the Maldives is the set of clothes to pack. Maldives is a tropical country, which makes light, cotton clothing a safe bet for any weather. Since you’re going on a flight to the Maldives to experience the sun and the beaches, reliable open sandals are always a safe bet for footwear. You will mostly be travelling around Maldives on foot or by seaplane and speedboat, so it’s important to pack clothing and footwear that are water-resistant. Light clothing which can easily dry under the sun should make up the majority of your wardrobe in Maldives.


The tropical sun can be very harsh on the skin, so it’s important to bring a good sun block lotion before going on a flight to the Maldives. You should also avoid getting insect bites, which is highly possible in a tropical country, so you should pack strong mosquito and bug repellents on your flight to the Maldives.


Beach protocols

While a flight to the Maldives may trigger hot tropical fantasies from most tourists, it’s important to note that Maldives is a Muslim country. People here won’t mind seeing women in shorts or skimpy bikinis while on the beach, but nude sun bathing is absolutely forbidden in this country. Before going on a flight to the Maldives, you should read this travel guide about the place to avoid crossing any cultural differences with the locals.



Because the Maldives is one of the top tourist destinations around the world, travellers need not worry about learning strange foreign languages when going on a flight to the Maldives. For the enthusiastic traveler, though, who’s more than willing to immerse him/herself in the country’s culture, the Maldivians mostly speak Dhivehi. Commercial transactions are mostly carried out in English, though which is highly convenient for English speaking travellers.


Food in the Maldives

Because of the location of the country, food in the Maldives is mostly seafood. If you’re allergic to most seafood, it’s probably best not to go on with your flight to the Maldives. On the other hand, if you’re a big seafood fanatic, a flight to the Maldives will spell heaven for you. Fresh, exotic tropical fruits are also made available during your transition and main flight to the Maldives. Since Maldives is very close to India, travellers may expect spicy cuisine that is popular in Asia.

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