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Wednesday August 17 2022

Honeymoon Maldives

How to Make the Most out of your Honeymoon in Maldives

Most people are too quick to book flights for their honeymoon in Maldives. Unwittingly, some of them may be in for a disaster if they don’t plan their honeymoon in Maldives enough. A common mistake made by most first time travellers is in thinking that Asia has a weather that’s close to summer all the time. The plain truth of the matter is that it also rains in Asia, even in Maldives. Below are guidelines on what to ask yourself when you’re planning your honeymoon in Maldives.


What is the Best Season for you to set your honeymoon in Maldives?

The best months for you to plan you honeymoon in Maldives is between December and March. It’s best for you to avoid the Christmas and New Year weeks when you’re planning your honeymoon in Maldives. The tourist activity is extremely active during these weeks that it’s best to avoid the onrush of travelers that could potentially ruin your vacation. There’s nothing like a crowded beach to put the bummer on a romantic weekend. These weeks are also the priciest if we’re considering travel packages, so it’s best to steer clear from these weeks for your honeymoon in Maldives. There’s also heavy rainfall between April and November in Maldives, so make sure you don’t plan your honeymoon in Maldives during these dates.


Where should you spend your honeymoon in Maldives?

The safest bet when choosing the venue for your honeymoon in Maldives is in one of the country’s prime island resorts. Island resorts are more lax compared to hotels, and they would allow you and your partner to spend the trip in light clothing and open sandals just strolling on the beach. They’re also considerably more affordable compared to big hotels. The finest island hotels can provide your honeymoon in Maldives with the necessary zing. You and your partner can enjoy a variety of inland and water sports when you spend your honeymoon in Maldives at an island resort.



What should I bring during my honeymoon in Maldives?

It’s important to remember that Maldives is a tropical country, and the sun can be harsher here compared to the sun under temperate country beaches. It’s a must for couples going on a honeymoon in Maldives to pack a good sun block lotion. Sun block should be applied whether you’re on or off the beach. The safest SPF lever for your sun block is also at least SPF 50.


Another thing to worry about when you’re on a honeymoon in Maldives is your insect repellent. As beautiful as the islands may be, they’re also homes to a wide variety of insects, mosquitoes mostly, who may prey on your skin if you’re not careful. Make sure that you bring good insect repellents and insect bite medications if you’re planning your honeymoon in Maldives.


Keep the clothing in your luggage light and cool. There’s no other practical fabric to wear in Maldives but cotton—the light kind of cotton. The weather in this country can be extremely hot during the dry months so pack up a lot of cotton-made clothes on your way to your honeymoon in Maldives. The last thing you want to do is faint because of the heat during your honeymoon in Maldives.


You should also take the time to pack up appropriate swimsuits. The region may be thriving with beaches, but let’s not forget that Maldives is a Muslim country. Nude sun bathing is forbidden here.

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