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Wednesday August 17 2022

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Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives

Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives

Getting the Best out of your stay at the Filitheyo Island Resort in the Maldives

There are a number of lodges and hotels you can choose from when you make that trip to Maldives. The Filitheyo Resort in Maldives is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. Located at the Faafu Atoll, Filitheyo Maldives provides its guests with top notch accommodations and enough recreational activities to make the trip enjoyable and memorable.


Types of Villas Available

Filitheyo Maldives provides its guests three types of villas to choose from. The cheapest villa type available in Filitheyo Maldives is the Miri Villas, otherwise known as the “Superior Villas”. These rooms are semi-detached, and are located inland. A Miri Villa in the Filitheyo Maldives houses twin four poster beds, a mini bar, a satellite TV, a hairdryer, an open-air bathroom with shower, and a timber deck.


Someone looking for more privacy can opt to stay in one of the Kihaa Villas. These Filitheyo Island resort villas are completely detached from other rooms, and house all the basic amenities found in the Miri Villas mentioned above. The living quarters in this Filitheyo Maldives villa is slightly bigger than the M iri Villa, and its bathroom is only partly open-air.


Superior VillaThe more expensive but most exclusive villas in the Filitheyo Maldives are the water villas which are also called the Kaashi Villas. These rooms are built on stilts which support a platform over the blue waters of Maldives. These Filitheyo Maldives rooms have all the amenities of the last two rooms, plus a private deck area, an indoor bathroom with bathtub, and bigger living quarters.


Filitheyo Maldives have a total of 57 Deluxe Villas, 94 Superior Villas, and 16 Water Villas. Needless to say, the rarer Water Villas are the most coveted rooms in the area.


Facilities and Dining inside the Filitheyo Maldives

Guests of the Filitheyo Maldives can freely use the resort’s swimming pool and fitness gym once they’re tired of the salt waters of the Maldives. A bar, disco, and karaoke are also available for groups and couples out for some fun or simply a night cap. Guests of the Filitheyo Maldives can also avail of gift items from the souvenir shop.


Food and drinks are served round the clock in the restaurant, coffee shop, and bar inside the Filitheyo Maldives resort. Guests can anticipate gastronomic feasts of the finest seafood and native dishes of the Maldives.


Recreational Activities an the Filitheyo Island Resort

The Filitheyo Maldives provides a number of recreational inland and water activities for all of its guests. Groups and couples can choose from a variety of sports facilities intended for carom, darts, badminton, snooker, table tennis, and volleyball. Guests of Filitheyo Maldives may also opt to go snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, island hopping, and fishing. The surrounding waters of Filitheyo Maldives are known especially for their diverse coral reef formations and aquatic wildlife.


Things to remember while in the Filitheyo Maldives

Before taking part in any recreational activity, make sure that you notify your guides about health conditions like allergies, past injuries, and respiratory disabilities. The Filitheyo Maldives has its own clinic and medical team, but it’s still important to bring your own medication if your suffering from any health conditions.


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