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Wednesday August 17 2022

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Huvafen Fushi Maldives

Paradise on Earth: Huvafen Fushi

You have planned for this for a long time and now you’ve set foot on the island of Male in the Maldives paradise. The Indian Ocean surrounds you and you feel the whisk of the tropical breeze that will embrace you in the coming days. You are off to Huvafen Fushi and you can’t wait to get there.


The Maldives Islands have a lot of luxury resorts that take care of every tourist’s vacation whims and needs. This Asian country that floats at the equator near Sri Lanka and India is a haven that many tourists are raving about. Since you don’t want to miss out on anything, you saved up enough for this trip and you are staying at one of the five star resort hotels of the Maldives, the Huvafen Fushi.


From Male, it will take about 30 minutes to reach the island via a speedboat. This resort has its own lagoon, which could simply make you forget for a while that you’re still on earth and you haven’t ascended to heaven yet.


At Huvafen Fushi, your accommodation options include lagoon bungalow, ocean bungalow, or beach and deluxe bungalows. Amenities are excellent. The facilities included 3 restaurants, bar, pavilion for yoga sessions, outdoor salt-water swimming pool, indoor pool, and gym. Guests can enjoy a lot of aquatic activities like windsurfing, sailing, diving, snorkelling, or canoeing.


The luxury resort is a spectacular place to stay for a much-needed break from work. It is a tropical wonderland with its white sands and blue waters. You have two great options for exploration – above water and under.


Above water is the perfect scenery you never imagined to be real until now. Underwater is a great place to relax for spa treatments. Yes, this island resort features unrivalled attraction – the underwater spa. Amazing architecture will greet you as you anticipate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience spa while sea creatures pass by naturally unmindful of your presence.


The Aquum Spa at Huvafen Fushi is quite ahead in the spa industry. It offers advanced spa treatment technology, water therapies, and the underwater spa treatment rooms. The philosophy is centred in harnessing the fluid, relaxed, and evolving nature of water in order to rejuvenate the guests. Aside from spa treatments, the place offers yoga and fitness training.


Here are the amenities:

- Yoga Pavilion
- Lonu Veyo, the saltwater pool outside
- Azure lagoon
- Coral-sand beach
- PADI-certified scuba diving activities
- Non-motorized aquatic sports
- Infinity swimming pool
- The Lair, which houses the library, TV, and Internet stations
- Excursions like sunset fishing or Dhoni, big game fishing, and snorkelling

Booking a Maldives holiday at the Huvafen Fushi is truly going to be worth every penny. Imagine living your life in luxury even for a short period of time – without any thoughts about work and the pressures of it. This island resort’s goal is to deliver and experience that is way beyond any guest’s expectations. There is really quite nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Aren’t you glad you finally pushed yourself into taking this trip?


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