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Wednesday August 17 2022

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Veligandu Island Resort Maldives: A Tropical Haven for Everyone

Maldives has been a firm favourite tourist spot for many people from various countries around the world. Its uniqueness certainly draws everyone into this wonderful tropical paradise. The Veligandu Island in Maldives is one of those resorts which capture the heart of many, especially those who want to spend time away….but then again…who doesn’t?


Veligandu Island Maldives is a tropical haven for everyone who wants to have a peaceful, relaxing and tranquil time away from their busy lives thousands of miles away. This wonderful resort is surrounded by a fascinating lagoon and sandy beaches which means it’s the perfect place for serenity. Most people who visit tend to fall for the majestic beauty of the lagoons and the tranquil beaches that this wonderful resort offers. This is the only resort in the Veligandu Islands which is found in the North Ari Atoll, which is a governmental division of the Maldives. We are certain you will have a wonderful time during your stay in this resort.

The Veligandu Island Resort in the Maldives has about 74 rooms including 54 with Jacuzzi water villas. There are also ten water villas and ten Jacuzzi beach villas which await you if you decide visit this resort. This resort will let you experience the uniqueness of the country and will answer your questions as to why the Maldives is one of the most visited Indian ocean holidays and honeymoon destinations in the world.


The Veligandu Island Maldives boasts many luxurious features and amenities to suit everyone and there are many different villas which can be found throughout the island. Most villas contain a tropical décor which will give you a peaceful atmosphere and a feeling of relaxation. Even though each villa seems to have a very provincial ambiance, the Veligandu Island Maldives still offers other worldly amenities including internet connections and entertainment systems. Even if you are away from the hustle and bustle that the city gives you, you will not miss the things that you are used to and everything is available at your fingertips. Furthermore, each villa is located overseeing the water which means all those who stay at the resort can view the beautiful sunrise and watch the sun set. The view is absolutely unbelievable, its like heaven on earth. Depending on your budget and personal choice, you can opt for a villa with a Jacuzzi or not. However, the villas in the Veligandu Islands will never fail to enthrall you and capture your senses, just imagine the sound of the tide washing up against the shores? Quite a contrast to the usual sounds of cars and traffic in a busy urban city.


The spa services at Veligandu Island are also something to look forward to. Everyone who uses the services offered by the spa will certainly experience a sensual and relaxing feeling. Using the spa services can soothe your body as well as calm your nerves, something contrary to what you are probably used to in the hard and fast paced life in the city. This time around, reward yourself with a relaxing massage in the Veligandu Island, Maldives.


If you want to have a thrilling experience by exploring the depths of the ocean, there are several diving sites that you can visit. The resort is ideal for divers who are beginners all the way to professionals. On the other hand, anyone who is into water sports also has the opportunity to go windsurfing, kayaking, and surf biking. The Veligandu Island resort in the Maldives will surely let you experience all the fun and relaxation that you’ve always wanted.


Why not book a holiday, break or honeymoon to the resort and experience the magic for real?


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